Finding A Ponsonby Real Estate Agent

There are a lot of real estate agencies who want to help you sell, rent or buy a property. However, it is important that you find one that works for you. There are a number of points to consider when finding a real estate agent.

Selecting A Real Estate Agent In Ponsonby

  1. The professional experience of a real estate agent should never be underestimated. The experience they have can help you when buying or selling your property. The estate agent that you choose should have experience in the area that you are looking for help with.
  2. A good agency will be willing to walk you through the process of buying or selling your home. This should cover the steps from the initial plan of buying or selling to closing the deal. It is also possible for Ponsonby real estate agents to help you determine how much you are able to spend on a property and recommend lenders for your mortgage.
  3. When you sell your home you should consider whether the agent is able to offer an appraisal of the property. While completing the appraisal you should ensure the agent is familiar with the area and what other houses have sold for. They should also be aware of any changes happening in regards to zoning within the area and the laws related to property sales.
  4. The agent should also be able to offer advice on the best method of sale. There are some properties that sell better at auction compared to traditional advertising. If you are unsure of what a type of sale is that they recommend many real estate institutes offer a glossary of terms that you can use.
  5. The marketing that the agent offers is also important. You should ensure that they offer effective promotion and marketing for your property. If you are unsure about the type of promoting they carry out, you should ask them for examples.
  6. The agent should also be able to advise on what you can do to increase your curb appeal to maximize your selling price. They also need to be willing to arrange inspections of your property and set up meetings with potential buyers. If there is genuine interest in your property the agency should also be able to promptly follow up on this.
  7. The agent needs to be able to help you with any complexities in the negotiation process to ensure you get the best price. Of course, they need to be able to balance you getting the best price with other factors to ensure the deal does not fall through. Your agent also needs to be willing to handle the legal and financial aspects of the sale if you are not going to have a private lawyer deal with this.
  8. The agency that you choose also needs to offer you clear communication and be confident when negotiating. You can determine this when you first meet the agent as their manner and appearance will tell you what you need to know.
  9. It is important that you talk to a number of agents in your area before you choose. You can then compare costs, experience and skill levels to ensure to choose the best one.

Questions To Ask

When to talk to the agencies you should consider asking the following questions

  • Are they a member of the local or national real estate board?
  • How many years experience do they have?
  • When did they start operating in your area?
  • How many properties they have sold in the last year and where the asking prices achieved?
  • What is the marketing strategy they use and why would it suit your property?
  • What is the size of the marketplace they present properties to?
  • Is it possible to receive a progress report once marketing has started?
  • Can they provide any references?
  • What are the costs of using their service including commissions and marketing fees?